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Window Tinting for Home & Office, Window Frosting Sydney.

Optimal window tinting Sydney is committed to providing outstanding customer service and achieving excellent results. Applying high quality window frost and window tinting films for home and office that come with lifetime warranty. We offer professional services and guaranteed customer satisfaction so give us a call today.

Home window tinting Sydney


Provide the perfect environment in your home by reducing heat and glare. Window tinting Sydney blocks up to 80% of solar heat – leaving you with a cool, comfortable indoor home environment with a modern appeal.

Office window tinting


Having your office windows tinted helps to maintain a comfortable working environment. Tinted windows rejects heat and is energy efficient. Window tinting Sydney offers style, comfort & safety for your working environment.

window frosting house


Window frost provides greater privacy and comfort. Window frosting blocks UV and glare while still allowing natural light through. Window tinting Sydney by Optimal offers long lasting, high quality window frost films.

Window Tinting Blocks Harmful UV Radiation & Prevents Interior Damage.

Window tinting and window frosting blocks 99% of damaging UV rays that contribute to vision impairment and accelerated aging. According to the Cancer Council Australia, UV exposure is the leading cause of skin cancer and having your windows tinted offers protection against harmful UV radiation – Your home and office interior is also vulnerable to damage caused by UV rays and heat. Without protection, it will cause cracks and fading in upholstery (i.e. carpets and furniture) or heat damage to electronic devices; over continuous exposure to the sun.

Window Frosting & Tinting Maintains Privacy & Enhances Appearances.

Having your windows tinted and frosted offers greater privacy and protection from theft. We use a wide variety of Window films, offering you many choices to select from to give your desired appearance. Examples of different types of window tinting films include frosted, metalized and security window films.

Reject Heat & Minimize Glare With Window Tinting & Window Frost.

Window tinting films reduce heat by 80% compared to non tinted windows. This means Window tinting ensures a more comfortable, cooler indoor environment in your home or office. Having your windows tinted also prevents glare and reduces vision strain, allowing for a more efficient workplace.

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Window Tinting Sydney

The lower percentage of window film shades corresponds to a darker film appearance. All window tint shades provide protection against UV radiation, glare and heat. Window Tinting Sydney offers our customers a wide variety of window film types and shades. We use only the highest quality window films made in the U.S that come with lifetime warranty. Contact us today for all your window tinting needs!

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For outstanding window tinting Sydney results, we apply high quality window tinting films.


All of our high quality, U.S.A made window tinting films come with Lifetime Warranty.